My Current Obsession: Boots

Here is Kim Kardashian arriving at JFK Airport wearing some over-the-knee boots. I’ve got to say winter is right around the corner and I’m obsessed with her boots.

Here are a few other choices I saw from Forever21.comโ€ฆ.

Rosette Suedette Booties

$27.80 [BUY]
Lace Up Suedette Boots

$25.80 [BUY]
Suedette High Boots

$32.80 [BUY]
Suedette Lace Up

$24.80 [BUY]
Over The Knee Riding Boot

$35.80 [BUY]
Jill Ankle Boot

$26.80 [BUY]
Rear Lace Over-the-Knee Boots

$34.80 [BUY]
Buckled Leatherette Boots

$34.80 [BUY]
Lace Up Leatherette Boots

$35.80 [BUY]


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