All I Want: Holiday Gifts Under $50

Black Friday & Christmas are rapidly approaching so I set out to give you all my Top 12 Holiday Gifts Under $50, with a good splurge (list below). I know the economy is not that great, so I made my choices pocket friendly and very affordable to those not looking to spend too much on a gift for that special person on your list. I hope you like my choices. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite. Enjoy!!

1. Black Globe with Metal Stand

This black globe looks amazing…it’s a must-have on my list for my daughter.
$29.95 [BUY]

2. Vintage Dress Form

This dress form is lovely. This is definitely on my daughter’s Christmas list. She wants to create her very own fashion bedroom. This will be a great jump start to her creativity.
$19.95 each [BUY]

Here is another one to add to the collection…

3. Iron Dress Wall Décor

This one you can hang on your wall and use it as a jewelry hanger.
Orig. $12.95
Clearance $9.98 [BUY]

4. Digital Camcorder

This is a great buy. Great for your tween who wants to learn how to use a camcorder to capture all those special moments. A 5.0 MP compact camcorder at this price is a BARGAIN!!
$39.95 each [BUY]

5. Fire Pit With Grill

I have got to say that this is the best invention yet. Especially for the men. I did tons of web browsing on finding the perfect gift for him, and this is the best I’ve seen by far. It’s a fire pit & grill all-in-one. It’s a great gift for dad.
$25.95 each [BUY]

6. Pinewood Hanging Mail Organizers

This is a great gift for the organizer. This is the perfect solution for sorting mail at home or even at the office. I so need one of these.
$19.95 each [BUY]


7. Touch-Screen MP4 Player & Camera

This is a great deal and it’s very functional for the tech nerd. You can watch videos, listen to music, play games, or just read books all with just 1 device. The price is over the suggested price but I think it’s a good choice. I think I want one for myself?!
$59.95 each [BUY]

8. Eclipse Board Game

This is a great memorabilia for the Twilight fan in your life. Have them test their knowledge of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie
$12.95 each [BUY]

9. Sculpted NFL Mugs

Great mugs for the sports fanatic. These mugs have great 3-D details. Great gift for your college son, brother, or brother.
$6.95 each [BUY]

10. 18″ Girl Dolls And Outfits

18" Girl Dolls And Outfits

Can’t afford An American Girl Doll? That’s ok these are the next big thing. These 18″ girl dolls and outfits with lifelike details and trendy clothes will make these dolls a hit with that special little girl in your life!
$13.95 per set [BUY]

11. Lyda Teapot

Tea Anyone?! I love the detailing to this teapot. This will add a great addition to your kitchen. Great for a brunch tea party with mom or grandma. This will definitely be a great gift for mom or grandma.
Orig. $15
Clearance $7.48 [BUY]

Don’t forget the tea cups….

12. Assorted Color French Cups

The colors will match beautifully with your teapot.
$6 each [BUY]

Source: LTD Commodities, Pier 1 Imports


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