Celebrity News: Jennifer Lopez From Diva to Disappointment??

How and why the onetime superstar tanked…

According to Newser, Jennifer Lopez was a superstar, making up to $12 million per movie and selling millions of copies of her albums? Now she’s starred in a string of flops—‘The Back-Up Plan’ only proved she does, in fact, need a back-up plan, writes Peter Lauria for the Daily Beast—her music deal with Sony is over, and her clothing line has been shuttered. Even her fragrance line isn’t doing well. What happened to J.Lo?

Part of the problem is that she’s lost touch with her fan base, as evidenced by her latest single, “Louboutins.” “If your pitch has been ‘Jenny from the block,’ don’t do a song about $700 shoes,” says a music insider. She’s not bringing in the megabucks, but her costs remain at megastar level. “She’s an expensive proposition,” a source says, “but she doesn’t have a touring base and doesn’t do well in merchandise sales”—which makes her a risky proposition for any label.

More on her diva demands below….

Jennifer Lopez: Required that her dressing room be 100% white, from the flowers to the drapes to the couches—a more divalicious demand than Palin’s request for a one-bedroom suite.

Source: Newser

~~I went to ‘The Back-Up Plan’ movie Premier in NYC, and she was there. She seemed really humble and really excited to see her fans. Now I don’t know if that was just a show she put on for us all, but she seemed really genuine about what she was saying and thanking everyone for being there. It was really nice to see her, for the very first time. The movie was great and I had a few LOL’s throughout the movie. It’s definitely a movie to check out with your girls, for a girl’s night out. I really enjoyed it.

“Oh So Fabulous!!”


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