Home Décor: Sweet Dreams Little One

I’ve been browsing the net for the past 2 days on playroom and bedroom ideas for girls. I’ve been looking for ideas on how to decorate my daughter’s room and play area so it can be combined together into one room, and I came across this blog site called, FROM MARRIAGE TO MOTHERHOOD. OMG the room that this mom created for her daughter is as I would say, “Oh So Fabulous!!”

This moms attention to detail and creativity blew me away. I love how she kept the colors neutral so as the baby grows, the room wouldn’t need much changing. It looks like something you would see in magazines. LOVE IT!!!

For more information on where she bought everything, check out her site. The prices are budget friendly. I can’t wait to start re-designing my daughter’s room.

~~”Oh So Fabulous!!”


3 thoughts on “Home Décor: Sweet Dreams Little One

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