Happy Birthday To Me!!

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday and oh what a drag. This weather has really brought me to a point of wanting to sleep my whole day off. It has me so sleepy and so bored. My daughter is in school and my man is sleeping. He got home this morning and took us out for breakfast. That was actually thoughtful, being that he worked the overnight shift. He would normally just come home and sleep, but today he made an exception.

My daughter woke up saying Mommy isn’t today your birthday, and she handed me a birthday card that she signed. I felt really special. This evening will be dinner, and a small cake for us 3 to enjoy. Plus I have just been delivered a bouquet of mixed purple roses and purple dipped gardenia’s amongst other flowers. Love it!!!!

 I wish it weren’t raining and the weather was a bit warmer, so I can actually enjoy every moment of it. I guess it beats a snow blizzard, right? Maybe next year.


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