Fashion News: Forever 21 will now be in Department Store size

Forever 21 Twist[Kendall Jenner modeling a look from Forever 21’s capsule collection “Twist.”]

According to, now you can score Forever 21’s fast fashion designs in a massive department store setting.

The retailer recently opened an 85,691 sq. ft. store in Los Cerritos Center located in a Los Angeles suburb. Formerly a Mervyn’s location, the giant outpost is Forever 21’s first foray in the department store world.

“We’re guided by our customers, and we believe Forever 21 will be a real fit at Los Cerritos Center,” said Larry Meyer, Executive Vice President of the retailer.

“Even in what has been a challenging retail environment, we see significant opportunities to grow our business in strong markets, as we are at Los Cerritos.”

And Meyer wasn’t kidding about growth figuring into the company’s strategy. While department stores quiver in their full-price boots, the new store anchors the mall along with Nordstrom, Macy’s and Sears.

Forever 21 is planning on 30 more large scale stores, including a 90,000 sq. ft. space in NYC’s Times Square, reports WWD.

More shopping aisles at the Los Cerritos store means that the retailer’s full range such as offshoots like Forever 21 Twist and Twelve by Twelve are easily accessible. We’re just hoping the extra square footage also means more fitting rooms.

On the flip side, fast fashion may be slowing down due to some legal land mines.


“Sounds good. Your thoughts?”


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