TV News: Mischa Barton’s ‘The Beautiful Life’ unaired episodes to return to the CW?

Looks like Mischa Barton is getting yet another chance. Just when the troubled starlet was about to hit rock bottom, — her CW show, “The Beautiful Life,” was canceled after just two episodes in September, and insiders say she was partying just a little too hard to cope — rumors have surfaced that “TBL” will be getting a revival.

Well, sort of.

According to the show’s Facebook page, the network is set to broadcast the program’s unaired episodes this summer, which may lead to a lengthier return.

The whispers started swirling on Friday, and on Sunday, the hope-filled message was posted. “We have somewhat good news,” it read. “The CW will plan 2 air the remaining episodes of ‘The Beautiful Life’ [this summer]. The bad news is there is still no plans of renewing ‘The Beautiful Life.’ But that might change during the months, or this year.”

CW spokesman Paul McGuire, meanwhile, says that “Beautiful” fans shouldn’t set their TiVos just yet.

“The status of unaired episodes has yet to be determined,” says McGuire, who noted that the Facebook page is not officially connected to the network.

Regardless, Barton seems to be taking the news to heart. Over the weekend, she was spotted on the 18th floor of the Standard Hotel looking the best she has in months.

“She was drinking in a corner with friends and staying very under the radar,” says a spy. “But she appeared completely in control, unlike the mess she looked like over the summer.”

Barton seems to be on an upward climb since a Halloween bash in Hollywood at which, onlookers said, she appeared to be “a bit wobbly.” But on Nov. 3, she was spotted back in NYC and on good ­behavior at Mr. Chow’s 30th-anniversary party, and was seen later that evening at a fete for Valentino at the Standard.

“There were a ton of celebrities there, but she really stayed with the close group she came with and sat as far away from the crowd as she could,” a partygoer dishes.

A source close to the actress confirms: “This is exactly the kind of news she needs. The last few months have been nothing but bad news for her. If the show really does air this summer, it’ll mean that her efforts to make a comeback weren’t completely wasted.”

Source: NY Daily News


“I thought the show would last, but I really wasn’t sure if they would even return it. I saw the episodes that did air, and thought it was ok. I would have loved to see more, I guess now I can. What are your thoughts on the return of “TBL”?”


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