Fashion Fabulous: Karl Lagerfeld and Forever21 to Launch Magazines

In a surprise move from the brand side of our beloved fashion industry, both Forever 21 and Karl Lagerfeld have decided to create magazines of their own. Forever 21’s is set to launch this Friday, and will release an issue four times a year, sort of like the H&M magazine you grab after picking up some staple textured tights.

31 Rue Cambon will be the peculiar Chanel mag, which has Purple Magazine‘s Olivier Zahm‘s stamp of approval. Zahm also designed and art directed (and Tweeted about today) the first issue as well, and the magazine will be sold in all Chanel boutiques. The fact that the two will be sold in stores, alongside the clothes they will no doubt promote in some way, begs the question; how are these not slight-more-consumer-savvy catalogs?

This new development relinquishes a bevy of questions; will the launch of these publications hurt or help the magazine industry? Will September Issues be thinner? Will Karl write a Letter from the Editor?

Source: Stylecaster


“I think anyone who wishes to start a new magazine it would be a great idea. Reason why I say good idea, is because of the so many different magazines who have flopped, due to the recession. Tthis is now the chance for new ones to take the spotlight. Your thoughts?”

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