Celebrity News: Emma Watson Attends Brown University

Actress Emma Watson, best known as Hermione Granger in the blockbuster Harry Potter movie series, has joined the ranks of college freshman across the nation as she entered the prestigious Ivy League school Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island earlier this week.

The 19-year-old attended orientation sessions and was photographed in a team building exercise with a group of first year students – see photo below.  She plans to study literature but will carve out time to film the last two installments in the Potter series during college breaks.

The British actress arrived on campus via helicopter on Wednesday, September 2.  That may seem like a celebrity move to her fellow classmates but the teen hopes the rest of her higher learning experience is less obvious.  She said, “I want to be normal.  I really want anonymity like everyone else.”

View photos of Emma Watson on the Brown University campus below.

Source: Bitten and Bound

“Oh So Fabulous!!”


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