Baby Bumps: Kourtney Kardashian’s Boyfriend Scott Disic Has A ‘Man Shower’

While Kim Kardashian plans sister Kourtney‘s baby shower, the Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami star’s boyfriend, Scott Disick, had his own daddy-to-be celebration of sorts this week in Miami during an evening of dining and clubbing Kourtney jokingly dubs a “man-shower.”

On Wednesday, while Kardashian and Disick were in Miami – where she and her famous sisters own the store Dash – the -again couple attended a dinner at the Fontainebleau hotel’s steakhouse Gotham Steak with Kevin Federline and his girlfriend Victoria Prince, musician Cisco Adler and rapper Shwayze.

Afterwards, Disick and Federline headed to the hotel’s nightclub LIV to watch Adler and Shwayze perform.

“We were joking that it was Scott’s ‘man shower,’ like his version of a baby shower,” Kardashian tells PEOPLE.

“Guys get excited too about having a baby, so they should do something too. One of our friends started calling it a ‘man shower,’ but I was like, ‘Guys don’t have tea and open presents!’ But for them, dinner and then going to a nightclub is a ‘man shower.’ They thought it was funny.”

As for the male bonding, Kardashian says Federline gave her beau “some cute advice about being a father, he was really sweet, saying how Scott’s life will change.”

Kardashian says that evening is where the “man shower” festivities will likely stop. “That was it,” she says. “That’s as far as guys will ever plan unless they need an excuse to go out! I had no desire to go. I was relaxing, chilling. If they want to go have a ‘man shower’ in Miami, then go ahead!”

And did the boys behave? “Yes,” she says. “And it’s downstairs, so if I needed anything, it’s close. I totally chilled.”


“Oh So Fabulous!!”


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