All On The Cover: Sienna Miller Covers Vogue

Sienna Miller covers the July 2009 issue of US Vogue. Photos taken by Craig McDean/Vogue, all pics from Vogue click here >>

She tells about being naked:

I don’t think I feel comfortable getting naked now,”

I can see where I made the decision to make that film three years ago, but then you grow up and evolve and your tastes change. I was in this period where I was making movies back-to-back because I didn’t want to be at home. Anything to not be in London. I was running away.”

About movies:

I’m not averse to being in big commercial films.”

“I would be lying if I said it wasn’t part of my consciousness to know this would probably, hopefully, be a successful film, and that that would be a smart thing to do. But I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think it was a good project, and it was different. I was kind of exhausted by my own choices, in a way; I was very happy to be in a film that was about having fun and not emotionally grueling for me or my family or friends, where I didn’t put myself through some intense experience.”

What do you think of the July 2009 Vogue cover featuring Sienna Miller?

“Oh So Fabulous!!”


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