All On The Cover: Vanessa Hudgens Covers Self Magazine

Vanessa Hudgens is on the cover of Self Magazine next month. Inside the magazine, Vanessa was asked to give a list of things that her fans didn’t know about her…here are some of the things she listed:

“I love snakes. I think they’re sexy. Not in the wild, of course, but pet snakes.”

“I like looking for funny video clips on YouTube. ‘Charlie bit my finger—again!‘ makes me die every time. And ‘sneezing panda‘ is the most hysterical thing ever.”

“My biggest splurge was a purse from Louis Vuitton. Ashley Tisdale [from HSM] and I each got one on different colors when we were on tour in Mexico. We call it our friendship purse. I don’t want to say how much it cost. I don’t like revisiting that place”

“I’m a passionate person. If someone makes me mad, they’ll know it. It’s so much better confronting someone than pouting about it. I don’t hold grudges, but I definitely don’t settle until I know it’s done and over with.”

Source: Disney Dreaming


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