Home Décor: How To Decorate With Throw Pillows


No need to buy a new sofa just because you’re craving a change. For an instant makeover, add a throw pillow (or three). Here are some tips:

1) Purchase throw pillows in a variety of fabrics, including prints, stripes, paisley, floral and solids. Combine small patterns with large prints.

2) Fill empty corners or empty floor spaces with piles of over-stuffed pillows.

3) Place a patterned throw pillow on a solid color chair or sofa, or a solid color pillow on a patterned chair or sofa to add contrast.

4) Arrange throw pillows in groups of odd numbers such as three or five, rather than the more traditional pairs.

5) Add a splash of color by mixing a few small throw pillows among the larger ones. They are practical and can be changed often for a quick re-do.

Source: HelloBeautiful

“This is a very good tip. I’m going to change my throw pillows and do something with more spring/summer like just for that extra splash of color.”

“Oh So Fabulous!!”


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