Mica Paris Embraces Her Curves

The oh so beautiful and curvaceous Mica Paris,  flaunts her curves, as she takes a dip in clinging gown on charity shoot in Dubai…

Mica Paris’s figure-hugging dress left little to the imagination

It was a hard day’s work in Dubai for Mica Paris yesterday, as the singer took to the beach for a charity campaign.The star gamely risked her hair and make-up as she took to the water in full evening wear. At one point the soul singer even dipped her face in the water – no doubt more of a challenge for the make-up artist than the model.

Somewhat inappropriately dressed for the location, the curvaceous star’s figure-hugging, purple evening gown left little to the imagination – not least because she had worn it for a dip in the sea.

Luckily the mother-of-two’s curves were all in the right places, visible as she held the frock’s hemline up around her hips.

Despite having to wade into the water, the singer appeared to be enjoying the shoot with British photographer Candice

Strands of silver jewelery were her only other embellishment, save a bizarre arrangement of wrist ties that the 39-year-old wore throughout, one assumes, in tribute to the campaign’s cause.

Laughing and joking with the team, Mica appeared to be enjoying the
experience, holding a sober face only when necessary for a shot.

Photographer Candice, who specializes in underwater photography, was better kitted out for the occasion, complete with wetsuit and snorkel, allowing her to shoot the singer from both above and below the water.

Mica was posing for the ‘Fresh2o’ campaign, which raises funds for the provision of clean water around the world ahead of UN World Water Day on March 22

The make-up artist was faced with a challenge as Mica was forced to dip in and out of the sea for the shoot

The team were shooting on the idyllic shores of Dubai’s multi-billion The World project – a series of artificial islands based on the countries and continents of the world. Appropriately the shoot took place on the white sands of the UK-shaped  island.

The photo session will be to promote a campaign for fresh drinking water around the world, ‘Fresh2O‘, expected to launch ahead of UN World Water Day on March 22.

Bizarre wrist ties were an unexpected addition to Mica’s evening dress

Source: Daily Mail

“Oh So Fabulous!!”


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