Girls Next Door: Kendra Wilkinson will have her brother give her away!

After much speculation, it appears Hugh Hefner will not give Kendra Wilkinson away on her wedding day to Hank Baskett.

“I would definitely love for him to walk me down [the aisle],” Kendra tells E!’s Daily 10 of Hef’s offer, but adds that she decided her brother would ultimately be a better choice.

“I think it would mean a lot to my family and me down the line,” the bubbly blonde says. “It just makes more sense.”

So does Hef have any hard feelings about the change of plans?

It doesn’t sound like it, since they’re still getting married at the Playboy Mansion. “Hef loves Hank,” Kendra tells E! News, revealing that the two men in her life share another common interest—both are big fans of the comic book character Flash Gordon.

One subject Hef and Hank don’t agree on? Reality TV. Kendra says she can’t wait for her spin-off show to start this summer on E! but her fiance isn’t as eager. “It’s hard for him. He’s a football player,” says Kendra.

And although her own love life is going great, Kendra can’t help but reflect on Holly Madison‘s sudden split with Criss Angel.

“It sucks that they broke up, and I hope she finds what she was looking for,” says Kendra. “I don’t know what happened. I hope she finds happiness. She is a great person with so much love to give.”

Source: E! Online

“I can’t wait to see her wedding pictures and her new show “Kendra”.

“Oh So Fabulous!!”


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