Girls Next Door: Kendra Wilkinson Talks New Show & Wedding Plans!

Kendra Wilkinson is getting the pre-wedding jitters, but not about tying the knot with her hubby-to-be, Hank Baskett.

What the Girl Next Door is really worried about is her custom-made wedding gown! “My dress…that’s the only thing I’m nervous about!” she told E! News at An Evening of Fashion at Haven on Monday. “I designed every piece of it!”

Having finally set a date for her upcoming wedding: June 27, 2009, at the Playboy Mansion.

“He’s going to come out here,” she told Robin Leach at the Las Vegas launch of The Girls Next Door book. “We can’t have a wedding anywhere else because my grandma can’t fly. So I’m waiting for him to come out here and help me plan. I’m ready to just get married.”

While the bride will be wearing traditional white on June 27, her wedding party will be dressed in lavender and lilac. Kendra also dished on what she’s missing most at the Mansion, besides Hef

“All the help! I miss the help,” she lamented, adding that having a late-night chef was the biggest perk. “I’m doing everything on my own now, so it’s kind of crazy.”

And we’ll get to watch. E!‘s cameras are filming it all for Kendra, a spin-off reality series following her transition from the pampered life in the Mansion to real life in the Valley as a newlywed.

Source: E!

To watch the video click here.

“Oh So Fabulous!!


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