Music News: Chris Brown Cancels NBA All Star Appearance

Chris Brown will not be rising from the ashes in Phoenix this weekend.

The R&B star, arrested last night for allegedly assaulting girlfriend Rihanna, has pulled out of his scheduled appearance Sunday at the 2009 NBA All-Star Game.

The 19-year-old had been tapped to introduce the players with Shaquille O’Neal before tip-off at Phoenix’s US Airways Center. His “No Air” partner Jordin Sparks will be singing the national anthem.

Chris Brown has withdrawn from NBA All-Star events,” an NBA spokeswoman confirmed to E! News today.

The big-time basketball fan had also been planning to play Friday in the annual All-Star Celebrity Game, part of the weekend-long festivities.

The cancellation is no surprise considering both Brown and Rihanna scratched their scheduled performances at yesterday’s Grammy Awards and Rihanna is expected to scrap a concert Friday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Besides, any participation on Brown‘s part would surely be overshadowed by questions about really happened between him and his chart-topping girlfriend. Earlier Monday, gum purveyor Wrigley announced it was pulling all running advertisements for Doublemint Gum featuring the “Kiss Kiss” singer.

Source: E!


14 thoughts on “Music News: Chris Brown Cancels NBA All Star Appearance

  1. kasey says:

    hey i really think that chris did something to rhinna to make her mad then she said sumpin to him dat she didnt mean and he got mad so if they are blamming it all on him then it a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ayoo Beckszbaybeh xD says:

    Ayoo ..
    Thiss bee Chriss Breezyss W I F E Y ..
    Soo i wahnnah say that yah hoess ( qirls ) bettah hop off my mahn
    Or elsee we fiqhtinqq ..
    Idc whoo yuhh aree ..
    Yuh can bee thee presidentss wife and ill fhuqq yuh upp in 2 secondss ..
    Well i wahnnah say alsoo that Chris Brown isnt a woman beater
    Riahnnah qhot what she finally deserves
    She cheated on him
    And he didnt odhee on her he justt choked her
    So theyy odheinqq
    Andd liekk bee forr reall ..
    Howw manyy famouss niqquhss is hittinq on their qirlss orr quyss
    And they aint sayinq shiet or makinqq a biq deall ?
    Moree than millionss yoo
    And quyss needah stopp hatinqq
    Chuss hes justt becominqq moree famouss ;;
    And yeahh moree famouss ..
    Well iff yuhh qhottah say somethinqq .. hitt it upp on aim ..
    Guyss hitt itt upp
    Girlss ;; onlyy if yuh have somethinq stupidd to say then hit it up
    Otherwisee dont buqq ..
    Thankss (:
    Iflyy x3 Breezyy Baybeh (:
    Cant wait too see yuh aqainn ..
    And dont forqet to call my mom aboutt thee thinqq kayy ..
    Im outt chock shuqass;jhock shuqas;stalkers;bytchess;hoes; e.t.c
    Shuqq it andd D I E !
    Imm ovaa andd outss
    Pcee niqqushss xD

    Siqnn : Xx Beckszbaybeh(TM) xX

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