Crushing Over: Rihanna


While attending the Gucci UNICEF Snowflake Lighting Ceremony, Rihanna gave People the scoop on her and Chris Brown’s new matching hand tattoo…

“It’s tribal,” she said at the charity’s annual Snowflake Lighting Ceremony in New York’s Grand Army Plaza. “It represents strength and love.”

Rihanna also revealed that she got the exotic-looking tat while in New Zealand for a recent tour date.

“It’s their traditional way of tattooing,” she said of the Maori-inspired geometric design. “I always wanted [one].”

But even for a tattoo enthusiast like Rihanna, this particular method had one big drawback: “It hurt like hell!”

I can’t blame her, if I was some pop princess, I’d have plenty of tats myself. Unfortunately for me corporate America tends to frown upon those kinds of things… But tattoos can be very addictive.

This is the second time the pair have gotten inked together, this one more noticibly the same since they both deny planning to get matching tats of stars…

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