Wire Talk: T.I. Takes The Stand


T.I. testified Friday that he believes the bullets fired at his entourage during a wild vehicle chase two years ago were meant for him.

He took the witness stand in the trial of Hosea Thomas, 34, who is accused of firing the shot that killed Philant Johnson during a gun battle on Interstate 75.

“All of those rounds were fired for me, in my opinion,” he said, adding that he later apologized to Johnson’s mother when he called her with the news.

Testifying for the prosecution, T.I. described seeing Johnson, whom he called his best and oldest friend, after their van pulled over. He said Johnson was lying lifeless, blood running down his face from a shot into his left temple.

Johnson was an assistant to T.I. and grew up together in Atlanta.

The shooting occurred after a post-concert party at a club. T.I. said after his van drove away, he spotted another vehicle moving up from behind in traffic. Then shots rang out and he took cover.

Three others were injured. T.I. wasn’t hurt.

[via AP]


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