Designer Spotlight: Kawakubo pays tribute to Mondongo


Fresh from her triumphant opening of the Comme des Garcons line at H&M, which sparked inevitable fashion carnage as fans descended on the goods, designer Rei Kawakubo is now shifting the focus to the art collective Mondongo, of which she has become a particular fan.

Juliana Laffitte, Manuel Mendanha and Agustina Picasso, the Argentina-based trio who make up Mondongo, work closely together and are known for their innovative use of materials and commentary on popular culture.

Mondongo’s art has not only been used in much of Comme’s 2008 publicity but it also features heavily in the company’s Dover Street Market store.

Speaking to, Kawakubo explained her fascination with the collective.

“I became aware of Mondongo’s work from a small article I saw in some magazine. I felt intuitively that they worked outside the established art world, that they were outsiders like Comme des Garcons,” she said.

“I immediately wanted to work with them for one year and was happy they agreed to give me one year’s worth of their art for me to see and change through my eyes.”

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