All On The Cover: Tyra Banks Covers Ebony Magazine

Media Princess Tyra Banks Swears She’s Just An Ordinary Lady

Supermodel, businesswoman, talk show host, producer…there isn’t much that Tyra Banks can’t do. She recently sat down with EBONY magazine and dished on why she’s just an ordinary lady who’s all about value and appreciates a good sale! In fact, she even offers readers six ways to save money and time.

Although Banks boasts some frugal ways, word has it that she is a huge tipper and takes great care of her employees. “I gotta take care of my people,” she says. Tyra also discusses why she has yet to place her name or face on a product and gives the latest scoop on her love life. “One thing I can say is I try not to date people who are famous because one celebrity equals five…I get set up by friends,” says Banks. (p. 76)

For more , pick up December’s issue of Ebony.

More scans below.


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