All On The Cover: Keyshia Cole Covers Billboard Magazine

As she prepares a biopic and the third season of her TV show, the diva showcases ‘A Different Me’.

Keyshia has two consecutive platinum albums, eight top 10 singles on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart (including three No. 1s) and a top-rated reality show on BET.

On Dec. 16 Imani/Geffen/Interscope will release her third album, “A Different Me,” which will drop in the wake of the 360 deal Cole signed with Interscope that includes a movie based on her life.

“I haven’t reached my goal yet,” says Cole, who says that down the road she wants to live in a log cabin and own horses, operate a veterinary hospital and pet store—“I’m a dog person,” she adds—plus a coffee shop on the side. “I want that real bad. I can just see the couches and the fireplace going. “But to get there,” she continues, “I have to first accomplish my musical goals. To quote Tupac, got my money right, I got my mind right, and now I want war.’


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