Music Review: Britney Spears Reveals New Album Cover

Britney Spears has revealed her new cd cover! It’s look pretty good but I’ve seen better from her. Although the album cover isn’t very strong I still fully believe in Britney’s ability to comeback – which for the most part she’s already done. Womanizer was a hit, I wonder what more Britney has in store. I guess we’ll have to see.

Below is the Tracklisting according to E!:

1. “Womanizer”

2. “Circus”

3. “Out From Under”

4. “Kill The Lights“

5. “Shattered Glass“

6. “If U Seek Amy”

7. “Unusual You”

8. “Blur”

9. ”Mmm Papi”

10. “Mannequin“

11. “Lace and Leather”

12. “My Baby”

Bonus Track:

13. “Radar”


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