Julianne Hough Hospitalized After ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Tonight’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ led to yet another injury, this time to Julianne Hough, who was rushed to the hospital for severe stomach pains.

We’ve seen a number of injuries on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and Julianne Hough is just the latest. Earlier this season, we watched Misty May-Treanor suffer a debilitating ankle injury that forced her to step out of the show. And in April, Cristian de la Fuente had an arm injury in the middle of a live performance.

‘Dancing with the Stars’ is an entertaining reality show, but when a contestant suffers an injury like Julianne Hough or Misty May-Treanor, we’re reminded just how grueling it can be to practice these complicated dance moves.

Julianne Hough experienced stomach pains while backstage at ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ but it wasn’t until after the show that her pain grew unbearable. She’s currently at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

[Read More: tmz Via: accesshollywood]


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