Breaking News!: Child’s Body Found in SUV Attached to Jennifer Hudson Case

Update: CNN is reporting that the body of a child has been found in an SUV attached to the Jennifer Hudson family killing case. Police in Chicago say the license plate on the white SUV found containing a child’s body matches the vehicle listed in the Amber Alert issued for Jennifer Hudson’s missing nephew.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office say, the body is that of a young black boy, but the child hasn’t yet been identified. The vehicle was found early Monday on Chicago’s West Side.

Police officials confirmed that the license plate matches the vehicle listed on the Amber Alert issued for 7-year-old Julian King on Friday after Hudson’s mother and brother were found shot to death in their home.

The Oscar-winning actress on Sunday offered a $100,000 reward for Julian’s safe return.

He’s the son of Jennifer Hudson’s sister, Julia Hudson.

Police on Sunday transferred custody of a “person of interest” in the killings to state authorities.

Yesterday I reported: I send our absolutely sincerest condolences to singer and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson who lost both her mother Darnell Donerson and her brother Jason Hudson to a currently unsolved homicide on this past Friday. The two were found in the Chicago home that they shared. While no one has been charged with the crime as of yet, William Balfour, the husband of Jennifer’s sister has been taken into custody. An Amber Alert for Hudson’s 7-year-old nephew Julian King, who went missing on Friday is still ongoing. If you live in the Chicago area of have any information on his whereabouts, please alert authorities.


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