Nicole Richie Ready to Adopt?

Rumor has it that the reformed socialite, Nicole Richie is ready to add another child to her growing family.

Are Nicole Richie and Joel Madden angling to become the next Brangelina? Star magazine is reporting that the 27-year-old mother is looking to give her daughter Harlow Kate Winter Madden a sibling, via adoption.

Sources say Nicole has been inspired to adopt an underprivileged orphan after working with numerous low-income families through her charity organization, the Richie Madden Foundation.

Nicole is “seriously looking into it and asking a lot of questions about adopting,” the insider reveals. “Nicole has been visiting Beyond Shelter in L.A two or three times a week and spends a couple of hours with homeless children. She loves being around them.”

Joel has been nothing but a proud papa to baby Harlow, but it seems he isn’t sold on adding to their brood. The source adds, “I don’t know how keen her boyfriend is on the idea. Still Nicole is determined.”

Somehow, if Nicole did want to adopt, we don’t think it would take more than a few bats of her eyelashes to get Joel to agree. But we’re inclined to side with Joel on this one. Having Harlow has inspired such a transformation in the former wild child and her rock star beau, becoming parents for the second time might turn them from kinda-boring to the Mayor and First Lady of Dullsville.


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