Aubrey O’Day Dropped From Danity Kane?

Singer Aubrey O’Day has been booted out of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ pop group Danity Kane.

The star was rumored to have left the Damaged hit-makers, who were formed on the third installment of Comb’s reality TV show Making The Band, last week. And the Internet whispers were confirmed on Tuesday night when the fourth season finale aired in the U.S.

However O’Day appears to be more concerned with American politics – and has used the attention to voice her support for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

In a statement she says, “I didn’t watch the finale, so I have no idea what story was told. The only comment I can make is… I wish that the world would focus more on the presidential election, the debates, the issues our country is facing, and the fact that if we don’t vote for Obama our country will suffer beyond repair.”

It is currently unknown whether Danity Kane will continue as a four-piece following O’Day’s departure – but online gossips are speculating that Combs will search for her replacement in a new series of Making The Band.

A representative for both Combs and Danity Kane were unavailable for comment as WENN went to press.



2 thoughts on “Aubrey O’Day Dropped From Danity Kane?

  1. bonceecee says:

    Diddy good job-the ones always complaining is the one always in your face. No respect, and Diddy’s right when your managing lots of other groups , her line should be yes sir and where do you want me. By the way Miss wanna be divalicious looks like one of the girs Bryett Micheals on rock love rejected. Cheap,cheap cheap, Diddy wants class class class. She was a beautiful girl, he needs to get intouch with her natural color and stop. Aubeys next gig will be the celebrity house and she will end up banging Danny from the partridnge family.

  2. Tequilla says:

    I hope she’s not out the group. Diddy slow if he do put her out cuz that girl can sing. She also bring the attitude and style to the group so without her the group is nuthin without any of them the group is nuthin.

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