Elisabeth Hasselbeck has issues with The View

According to omg!, “The View’s” Elisabeth Hasselbeck is reportedly “really upset” about the recent political discussions (i.e. the upcoming presidential election) that have been taking place on her daytime gab fest. As the lone Republican on the talk panel — not to mention the youngest — she just can’t seem to win against her loud, liberal counterparts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg.

While tensions are high on set, a “View” staff member told the Chicago Sun-Times that things aren’t as bad as they were during the Rosie O’Donnell era. Still, it’s bad enough that Barbara Walters has set up a “cooling off” meeting for her ladies.

Rumor has it that Elisabeth may even be leaving “The View” to host her own program on the FOX News Channel, where she can be with her own “kind” … and not have to face off with Joy and Whoopi on a daily basis! That sort of makes me sad. Although I think Hasselbeck often comes across as being out of touch, uninformed, and immature, I must admit that the outspoken 31-year-old makes for some good television!

Below is a photo of Elisabeth over the weekend with her little girl Grace. The mother-daughter duo attended a special screening of “Sleeping Beauty” in NYC, celebrating the Disney flick’s 50th anniversary.

So tell me what’s your opinion on this issue, should Elisabeth Hasselbeck leave or stay at the “The View”? Check out these videos on ABC News about the recent heated discussions on The View.


One thought on “Elisabeth Hasselbeck has issues with The View

  1. Michelle Obama says:

    Don’t dis on my girl Elizabeth.
    She’s a great person who loves her country. That’s more than I can say for my husband!

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