Samsonite Blings Its Black Label

Samsonite Blings Its Black Label With Swarovski Crystals. Their Black Label Trunk collection (part of the Vintage series) was touched by the bling-my-everything-mania! Normally, a Samsonite Black Label Trunk costs about $950, Can you just  imagine what would be the price to this Swarovski beauty?

I’m just wondering how it can be used since it is, after all, a suitcase that gets carried around all over the world. If it were something I would purchase I would just use it as something to add to my bedroom as a decor.

Anyway, those who are thinking of buying this precious item, well – there are only 30 pieces of the suitcase in Europe, via Colette Paris. But I must say that the, Oh So Fabulous Samsonite Black Label Swarovski trunk is definitely something to go googoo-gaga over. This is one hot item!

Note: What do you think of this Samsonite Black Label Swarovski Trunk? Is it Oh So Fabulous or Oh So Not For Me? Please leave a comment below.


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