Designer Spotlight

Stepping into the spotlight, Helena Hörstedt has arrived in true artful expression. Helena Hörstedt is a Swedish design label. It was created after her graduation from Beckmans School of design, Stockholm, 2004. The label provides handmade garments with emphasis on structures and techniques, advanced details and classic tailoring.

Mending each stitch into innovative designs tagged with inspirational ideals, Helena Hörstedt pieces come to embody idolized forms of intricate creations. Strutting into a fashion forward reality, Helena Hörstedt allows any woman to strut alongside a confident air. All of the pieces are handcrafted, which is something held very close to heart. “The trade of handcrafting is always one of the most important sources for both construction of and inspiration for my design,” says the designer. “The handcrafted pieces allow for a series of expression. It is by this form of creation that the designs embrace a structural work of art. ” I want my garment to be a fascinating visual experience as much as a usable. I want them to build a desire, continuously expand and to surprise the beholder.” The works are unique, flawless, and mended with bold intent. Their truly fascinating collections.

Below are photos of her, “Broken Shadow Collection” for A/W 2008


Photo: Peter Farago
Hair: Erika Svedjevik/Link
Make up: Sara Denman/Mikas
Model: Sara B/MIkas
Retouch: Jenny Stigsdotter/La Machine
Styling: Ingela Klemetz-Farago
Website: Helena Hörstedt


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