Mommy Break: Girl’s Nite Out

BBBRRRRR…It’s so damn cold outside, I miss the warmer weather, winter is surely coming real fast. I’m so bored right now… nothing much to do except eat, sleep and play with my baby! So I’ve decided to add some stuff to my blog. Any ideas out there? Guys?! Girls?!

ok then… lets see… is there anything else 2 say? HHHMMM…oh yes!

Yesterday I had my very first “Girl’s Nite Out” it was kind of a mommy break. No baby, No Man! I felt a little guilty on leaving the baby, but I needed some me time for once. Wasn’t too fancy, but very good to just go out alonewith my friend. I wanted to go somewhere I’ve never been before or eaten so we ended up going to the chain restaurant Chevy’s…Food was good, frozen margaritas great. I had a very good time.

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