Lindsay Lohan on what Rehab did for her.

Associated Press

Well according to the Associated Press, Lindsay Lohan had a few things to say about rehab and what good it did for her.

“Well here’s my opinion on it. Feel free to comment me on this….

How long will she really last this time?

You know it makes me really mad and frustrated when these young Hollywood chicks,
get paid millions of dollars to be superstars or actresses, and they take advantage of it, by doing some real dumb shit, like fucking with cocaine, and becoming alcoholics.

I know some don’t have the best family support, but WTF, be a better person on your own. There are little girls who look up to them, and want to become the next L.L or Paris & Nicole, what do they have to show for, not a damn thing, but saying that it’s ok to go out and party like a rockstar and do drugs and come home pissed drunk, and just act a fool. Hell No!

You can still be a true Rockstar & look fabulous, and not care what people think, but you don’t have to be fucked up about it, and go down the darkside of the road, just to be that “It Girl.”

Just keep a good head on your shoulders, and stay positive to all the negative stuff that’s out there”.

~ Here are some of the things Lindsay Lohan said…

“It was a sobering experience. It was humbling. It made me look at myself, and all of the people, places and things in my life in a different way. I was in there for substance abuse, after all.” — Lindsay Lohan, on rehab.

Remember always, Stay Fabulous!…

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