Rolling in the Benz-o

Chris Benz Debut Collection
chris benz!

Boy toys can be good (for sex, arm candy, and bossing around) and bad (for awkward small talk, fear of commitment, and leaving you feeling empty).

For a more meaningful relationship, get to know designer Chris Benz, a shining new fashion star.

The 24-year-old’s first collection is an irresistible melding of prep school chic with girl-next-door femininity (no surprise, given his stint at J.Crew). It’s as if he took all the pieces you love to borrow from boys and tailored them to fit girls, proving that slouchy can actually be sexy.

Standouts include a gray and white striped rugby dress made of wool and cashmere; a yellow mohair, double-breasted jacket; and super-sporty gray twill tuxedo jodhpurs. All of the designs feature details and feminine cuts to make you look like an adult without compromising the comfort of all things casual.

Well, maybe not all things.

Available online at

To see styles, go to


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