Donatella Versace design: Spice Girls tour wardrobes

Donatella Versace to design the next Spice Girls tour wardrobes?

UPDATE: Versace publicists have denied this report by the
Daily Mirror. “Absolutely not true, they are just rumors,” said the
spokeswoman. What a shame… [source]

As the Spice Girls get ready for their long awaited reunion tour, fans across the
world (especially the three million who registered for tickets in just
three weeks) are wondering whether they still have the figures
for Union Jack minis and leopard print catsuits. Not to worry, as we’ve seen the
styles of the girl power quintet have changed dramatically over the years (can
you imagine Victoria Beckham in a pair of stacked platform thigh-high boots
now?) Just to prove how sophisticated they have become, Donatella Versace is
rumoured to be styling their comeback stage outfits… no, really!

With a wardrobe said to be in the region of £200,000, an insider for the
Daily Mirror shared that Donatella, “wanted the girls to retain their
band personas but in a much less obvious way than before.”

This should mean no more nylon tracksuits for Mel C and Emma can save the
baby doll dresses for her own soon-to-be bubba. If the rumours are true then it
will be a step in the right direction from their press conference outfits which,
although individual, seemed under-styled and frumpy (Mrs Beckham excluded of

[Source:The Mirror/Getty]

“Believe What You See, Not What You Hear!”


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