Nick Lachey’s Latest Stalker… Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

We all saw their fairytale wedding, and the first four years of their marriage, thanks to MTV. But since their divorce, times have been tough for Jessica Simpson in the romance department. And now she’s said to be stalking her ex-husband Nick Lachey.
Nick recently celebrated his 1-year dating anniversary with girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo and bought a million-dollar apartment in New York City. Then there was the whole banging in the Mexican hot tub incident. All of this has Jess pretty jealous.
Apparently she won’t quit calling the “What’s left of me” singer. According to a source close to Jessica, “She wants to be the girl that Nick fell in love with again. She’s been calling Nick all the time – at one point he had to change his telephone number. She now can’t contact him even if she wants to.”
Nick has been candid about his relationship with Vanessa. He’s moved on and doesn’t wish to revisit the time in his life when he was married to Jessica. Nick told press, “It’s good to move on. I think I’ve done that. What Vanessa and I have is real. It’s ours. Nobody can touch that.”
♥ Special Thanks to celebrity-gossip

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