Kim Kardashian: Is That Booty Real?

Kim Kardashian

She’s all over the Hollywood scene, though some are unsure why. But one thing is for sure – Kim Kardashian’s backside is getting plenty of attention. The question on most everyone’s mind centers on whether Kimmy’s infamous derriere is real or fake.
The knowledgeable people at Make Me Heal seem to think that it may very well be all Kim, telling, “While Kim’s buttocks are very large and shapely relative to her thin body frame, there are quite a few women who have this body shape from natural genes.”
Plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn adds, “While her (Kim’s) bottom does appear to jut out unnaturally, this may, in fact, be hereditary. I have seen some patients with similar figures who have not had any work done.”
And while we may never know for sure the truth behind Ms Kardashian’s much-ballyhooed behind, one thing we can count on… wherever there is a paparazzo with some film in his camera, Kim can’t be far away.
*Previous Debate
With all the pressure to look their best, celebrities sometimes turn to drastic measures to try and stand out. But socialite Kim Kardashian’s new look may be taking it a bit too far.
While she is slender all over the rest of her body, it appears that her backside is growing a little too disproportionate. How could that be? Well, it’s now being rumored that she has gotten butt implants to give her rear an extra boost.
“I know some guys are fans of a bootie, and women have been known to get a** implants to augment their cheeks, but this is ridiculous,” posts Hollywood Tuna.
Despite the failure of her recent sex tape with Ray J, Kim is pressing on toward media notoriety. And she may have taken Sir Mix-A-Lot’s advice by increasing her butt into the “juicy double” he sings about.
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“Believe What You See, Not What You Hear!”


3 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian: Is That Booty Real?

  1. katrina thomas says:

    Her booty is just as “real” as her ridiculously over-done boobs!! lol

    …anything for attention I guess!!

    ..and she is sure getting way too much of that.

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