Diddy Joins The Ranks Of The B-Team

It must have been like a slow motion video as fading rap star Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs watched his star fall when he was refused entrance at an exclusive club, Les Caves on the French Riviera. What makes this insult even more close to home for Combs is that he once “ruled the roost” at the Riviera back during his superstar days.
However, it appears as if Diddy’s fan base has shrunk, as insiders gleefully pointed out that, “He is so B-List here. No one even acknowledges him.” Going a step forward in casting the ultimate celebrity putdown, one insider claimed, “Nobody even recognized him at the St. Tropez hotspot”.
This is a stark comparison to Combs’ first experience with the Riveria, when he arrived at the resort with a full-time personal entourage back in 2003. At the time, he was often spotted partying with other celebrities, including Uma Thruman , and indulging in bottles of Cristal champagne with the ladies.
Not content with just watching Diddy receive the cold shoulder at Les Caves, several insiders went out of their way to question why Combs was in the Riviera at all. “Nobody goes out there until the first and second week of August. Maybe he’s afraid he’ll get lost in the crowd once all the real celebs show up.”
♥ Special Thanks to celebrity-gossip

“Believe What You See, Not What You Hear!”


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