Could Jessica Alba Be Back With Cash?

Jessica Alba

For all of you guys out there making “Marry Me Jessica” t-shirts, you may want to put the paint away. It seems that Miss Alba may not be done with Cash Warren.
Friends of Jessica and Cash are speaking up about the recently split couple. They say that it may have been a knee-jerk reaction by Jess when she discovered that Cash wasn’t keen on marriage yet.
A source told press, “He wasn’t ready for marriage, and Jessica is. It’s simple as that. It’s kind of cold that the press is saying she was just finished with him, because it isn’t like that,”
And Jessica’s visit to Eva Longoria’s wedding made it even harder to face the fact that her man wasn’t in the same mindset that she was. “Seeing Eva get married made Jessica wistful. That was the reason Jessica seemed to be in a terrible mood in Paris.”
Bottom line: Christmas may have come early this year for Cash Warren. Jessica is said to be reconsidering her decision to break up with him, and hence may give him another chance.
♥ Special Thanks to celebrity-gossip

“Believe What You See, Not What You Hear!”


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